Wired and Wireless Networking

Wired and Wireless NetworkingWired and Wireless Networking

D K Networks can help with your wired or wireless networking problems.

A network can be an ideal way of sharing files, printers and internet between desktop computers and laptops. This will enable people to access the internet simultaneously and print and share files between computers.

The advantages of wired and wireless networking are:

Share files with each other
Backup to a central location
Share applications

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D K Networks can assist with implementing a network system, and will consult
and advise on the best solution for your home or business from a cost, productivity and security stand point.

We can supply and install all cabling work and configure computer systems to your requirements.

Wireless access points – Add wireless capability or cover dead spot in your existing networkWe supply and install a variety of wireless solutions:-
Wireless Routers – Share your internet connection with multiple computers Wireless adapters/wireless cards – add wireless capabilities to laptop or desktop computers
Wireless Network Boosters and Home Plugs – increase the range of your wireless network without running new cabling

We are happy to assist with any problems that you may be having with your current network, from troubleshooting to re-cabling, whether you are a home or business user.