Virus Removal

Virus Removal by D K NetworksVirus Removal

Malware, Spyware, Virus’s, Scareware – What’s the difference?

Virus – A program designed to cause havoc to your computer.  A virus can delete files, stop your computer switching on, gather your personal details and can basically eat away at your operating system.
Spyware – Can be used to monitor what you are doing on your computer.
Adware – Ever been overrun with pop ups? This is what Adware does; this can slow your computer on the internet.
Malware – Malicious software that can damage your computers operating system.
Scareware – Software designed to scare you into paying them, for example, there has been Scareware released recently that once installed states that it is from varying police forces and that you need to pay them to unlock your computer. Another common Scareware is one that tells you that you have a large number of viruses on your computer and to get rid of them you need to pay them.  Please do not pay them anything, it will not solve your problem.

In our opinion all these programs are a nuisance and the difference isn’t really important.  We advise removing them before they cause major problems.  If you feel that your computer isn’t running quite right, please give us a call as it maybe you have one of the above running in the background, they don’t always show themselves.

An advisory on “Clean my PC” software.  Some software claims to clean files that are no longer required and can also clean the registry.  Please be very cautious when using these types of programs as unfortunately a lot of them cause more harm than good.

You may find your computer is running slow or you are getting undesirable pop ups as these programs are designed to frustrate you or scare you into buying their software. If caught early enough virus removal can be performed successfully without needing to restore the computer back to factory.  This would only be a last resort if all other virus removal options have failed.  Most of them will reinstall themselves even after you think you have removed them or they hide themselves deep within the operating system.