DIY CCTV Systems

DIY CCTV Systems

There are many types of DIY CCTV Systems available on the market; these range from 720P CCTV Kits for basic monitoring to high resolution systems that lead to identification and prosecution.

We have a range of systems available to meet a wide range of application requirements whether it is Home Security Systems, Office Security Systems, Security System for School, Warehouse CCTV or larger multi-site operations.

For home use, security surveillance equipment can offer invaluable insight into the regular visitors to a certain street or who occupy a certain area, allowing for easy identification of unidentified or suspicious visitors.

For a business, CCTV installed around a warehouse, office or factory entail that the activity of all employees is constantly monitored and protected. CCTV camera systems can be set-up in many different environments and particular areas so activity can be monitored from all angles; offering a comprehensive view of all areas of your place of business.

We also supply DIY CCTV Systems that are handpicked to give professional CCTV quality systems with the ease of DIY installation.  We have brought together high quality components from respected professional manufacturers to give everyone the chance to have a high quality DIY CCTV Systems without the additional cost of having someone install it for you.  Our kits have everything you need to get your system running in one package, with the choice of camera style and colour at one fixed price. You can also choose between dome cameras, bullet cameras or you can mix and match them. We have both analogue 720p and full 1080p HD kits available to cover all budgets and quality required.

All of our DIY CCTV Systems are easy to install with just a small knowledge of basic DIY and a few basic tools.

So call today to discuss your requirements.

diy cctv systemsdiy cctv systems


Please click here for our specification sheet for our Analogue HD 720p DIY System

Please click here for our specification sheet for our HD 1080p DIY System

If you are not sure which of our DIY CCTV Systems you would like please click here to view our visual comparison page showing the quality of both systems.

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