Laptop and Desktop Cleaning Service

Laptop and Desktop Cleaning ServiceLaptop and Desktop Cleaning Service

D K Networks offer a computer cleaning service, This service not only deals with software but also the internal components within your computer.

We call this preventative maintenance, as after a while your computer can become clogged with dust and dirt and internal components can struggle to keep cool.  This can lead to the computer shutting down when it gets too hot, it does this as a safety precaution to protect the other components.

Our Desktop Cleaning service includes:
• Removal of unwanted files/folders/software
• Complete Malware and Virus check
• Perform all software based updates
• A clean up of internal parts and external casing
(This is not a repair service and your computer must be working at the time)

Our Laptop Cleaning service includes:Laptop and Desktop Cleaning Service
• Removal of unwanted files/folders/software
• A clean up of internal parts including CPU fan (A clogged fan can cause the laptop to overheat which can be fatal)
• A clean up of external parts including screen and keyboard
• Anti-Virus update and scan
(This is not a repair service and the laptop must be working at the time)