Software Problems

Software ProblemsSoftware Problems

D K Networks can diagnose all kinds of software problems

Some of the common Software problems are:
Start-up Issues
Corrupt files
Windows Updates stuck or failing
File Association Issues
Internet Explorer Issues including Plug In Issues
Missing Programs
File Errors
Registry damage

Software problems can display in a number of ways, pop ups, error messages, programs and files failing to open, a slow running system or even the system not switching on.

Some software problems can arise due to Windows updates.  Sometimes these updates can get stuck or can continuously fail.  This can become a nuisance as every time you switch your computer off you will continuously get “Windows is installing updates”.

Some other software problems can arise from having previously had a rogue program or virus infection that has damaged some files.

A looping computer can be caused by corruption of operating system files.  Sometimes this can be rectified without the need to completely wipe your computer.

We can repair a wide range of software issues and not all software issues will require your computer to be re-loaded.